Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a gorgeous Sunday morning

What a beautiful morning it was for my first trip to Lardner Park. The forecast was for a wet and windy day, but as it turned out, the sun smiled and threw a grin on the faces of those who came to buy treasures at the market. I met people visiting from Glen Waverly, Beaconsfield and even stall holders from as far away as Geelong. It really is a social day..........next time I'm hoping to be outside to enjoy the sunshine, but as "murphy's law" will have it, it will be exactly that day that it will rain!!!!!......The countryside really is lovely, if you get a chance in September, (next market in Lardner Park) go for a drive.......you wont even need a cut lunch, the yummiest calamari, and tasty homemade lemonade can be found amongst many other food stalls. Of course I'd love you to stop by and say hi. The photos below are images from my stall.....enjoy your day :-)

imagine laughter :-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little Shoes

Little shoes I bought earlier this year for little feet ....... I just fell in love with the fabric and Charlotte from Wombagully Wonders certainly does a lovely job........ wonderful !!!!..... a drop of whimsy added with love ........ Charlotte will be back from holidays soon, in the meantime take a peek at her little shop......just watch out for the big bad wolf

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scented Sisters

anyone for coffee? how scrumptious does this cake look, only it's made of soap!!!!
I first met the girls from Scented Sisters at the Werribee Market, and we have been inseparable since!!!! .......... thankfully because they are beautiful women with a product to match......you will find their display by following your nose...........it smells divine.....the coffee's not bad either!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something New

My friend Kellie at Moo Woo made these cards for my daughter's 1st birthday. I had already ordered the invitations and decided on what kind of cake I'd make......imagine my delight when I opened the parcel to find these beautiful handmade cards! I couldn't decide which one to chose, so I kept them both!!!!! I think you'll agree, they're perfect. Thanks Kel :-)

Something Blue

I love the fabric used on this cute little bag from smooch designs, how cute is the owl?

I was lucky enough to win one, and couldn't resist buying another.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

Here are photos of my 40th birthday. If you asked anyone who knows me, the answer would be ,"yes, she loves dress up theme parties". I do, I absolutely love dress up parties and have been getting in to some sort of costume since I was at primary school. I even remember dressing up our little sister as a cat for a pet competition.......she won second prize!!!!
In this group of photos, I've superimposed guests onto cartoon backgrounds. The night was a lot of fun....and of course.....there was only one Queen............off with her head!!!!!

You are invited to a Masquerade Ball

I married my husband in 2006 in what was a fabulous "themed" wedding. Our guests were invited to a Masquerade Ball with the celebrant dressed as the Phantom of the Opera!!!
My husband (dressed in military uniform) duelled the phantom for my hand, and won!!!....but of course he did...lol :-)

It really was a special evening........

Sunday, July 12, 2009

a little about me

thanks for “clicking” by,

I’d like to use "blogger" as a way of letting people know about my little business and to give more insight into the girl behind the machine……..as it seems that's the thing to do these days.....and I check out everyones blog and they all look so great....... so what I think will happen is when I get an idea I'd like to share regarding my craft business, I'll post it, otherwise I think I'll tell stories...the latest story I'm telling is about my husband....but maybe I should start at the beginning......well maybe not the beginning, beginning........but at least further back than last week.......

Have you watched a young childs’ eyes light up with sheer delight when they spot something that makes them happy? It’s magical.
The clock stops, the room disappears, there is no noise and the only thing you see is the smile, and for a split second you’re caught up in a moment of wonderment.
Magic has happened and that warm fuzzy feeling is called love.
It wasn’t so long ago we were dragging our favourite toy around the house and dressing it up to be Mr Watchamacallit in our imaginary day at the zoo where the big creatures fly down from planet Mars to help the princess fairy get ready for the ball. We’ve just forgotten what it feels like. Caught up in a world of gadgets and gizmos, its nice to get back to the basics.

I love creating things, any thing really, and lately I've been creating soft dolls. Not the normal kind, mine are a little unusual.....but oh so cute.........and that's what everyone says when they see me at the market....."they're soooo cute"!......just a little bit is my reply ;-)
Before the dolls, was aprons, before that I was trying my hand at the love of my life, painting......some would say they were great....I always thought they were a work in progress...the thing I loved most about painting was I'd get lost in the moment.........a little bit of heaven in my own living room!!.....now my love is sewing....which is tully{kat} alley
a combination of my beloved cat,(tully) and now my daughters names, whose initials are A, K and T
here you'll find a couple of photos to get the “blog” rolling and when I start telling stories, I'll post some more
have a great day
This is me…….. Samia, mum of three!!!!